The OurGV.Biz Branded Home Page - Allows small businesses to earn money the same way Yahoo and Google have been for years. We put the powerful cashflow generating ability of internet search in your hands. Take our technology and make it your own!


How It Works
The Steps to get started are very simple and fast:

1 Organization signs up using the convenient sign-up section on the home page; the time needed is less than 10 minutes. Our agreement is part of the sign-up process.

2 Within 48 hours or less, the organization receives a link for the new Branded Home Page, to then send out to its supporters/customers.

3 Supporters/customers click on the button titled “Make us your home page” to then make the new Branded Home page their home page, so every time they are on the internet they will see your Branded Home Page; total time needed is under 10 seconds. We are compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome.

4 Supporter/customer then continues their normal everyday internet experience using the activities within the new Home page; search, watching videos, playing games, taking a survey, random offers, shopping. Our technology will actually make their experience even more efficient, as well as possibly save them money.

Branded Home Page will include the following;

1 A Home Page with the organizations logo, link directly to your site, and many activities to help raise needed dollars and give ultimate branding and exposure, only needs to be activated one time. The Home Page is compatible with; Chrome-Internet Explorer-Firefox. Total time needed; less than 10 seconds.

2 Activities that a user can participate daily or even 1-2 times a week for as little as 10-20 minutes and still have an impact on raising needed dollars. There are enough activities conveniently located on the Home Page to meet everyone’s needs.

3 Branded Home page that will have a search box. Users can use this box if they want it as their main place to do searches. Also when they click on your logo within the Fundraising Page they will go to your website.

4 You receive savings/coupons/deals within your internet experience (Thousands of opportunities to save money on a daily bases are available, when you combine all of our activities provided on the Home Page).

5 Your Organization will have a web portal they can log into at any time to have reports that will help them understand revenue.


1 When the supporter/customer participates within any of the activities listed within the Branded Home Page, they have an opportunity to generate revenue for their organization. They can use one, or all the activities for as much time, or as little time as they desire. Participating with one or more of the activities for as little as 1-2 days a week and as little as 10-20 minutes per day will have a positive impact as far as dollars generated. The more they participate the better it is for the organization as well as the supporter/customer. A donation can be made to a cause of your choice! Your site becomes eligible for the non-profit beneficiary program once your earnings from searching and shopping reach (retail rebate) = $100 within a month (confirmed by the Revenue Summary report in your Website Center. Login to website center, under the reporting tab click bonus history, then look for the report that shows the entire month. The bonus type will show “retail rebate”.).

Please email service@ourgv.com with the name and address of the non-profit of your choice to confirm your non-profit beneficiary for the month and the % you would like for OurGV to match from your donation (up to 25%!). That amount will be deducted from your check with OurGV doubling it! This is to be done on a monthly basis before OurGV has sent your shopping earnings.

POTENTIAL REVENUE FOR THE ORGANIZATION: $.50-$8.00 (or more) per user-per month depending on the activity of the user.

Our software helps generate needed dollars, expand your exposure, keeps your organization top of mind and helps you communicate all at NO cost to the organization or their supporters/customers. IMPORTANT: we do NOT want any expectations, as far as revenue that can be generated. Revenue is generated based on how active your supporters/customers are on the internet, and how often they participate within any of the activities listed. We believe the ONLY expectation you should have is the following; “Whatever dollars you generate is dollars you never had. You also get branding and the opportunity to stay top of mind all at NO cost."”

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