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Does your business or organization ever find itself in need of cash? Could your day to day operations benefit from a reduction of expenses? Are you always on the lookout for new ways to generate cashflow? OurGV.Biz is your one-stop shop for increasing revenues, decreasing expenses, improving public relations, and gaining access to technologies that would normally cost tens of millions of dollars to develop on your own!


OurGV.Biz Offers Amazing Technology Solutions
It is a well known fact that businesses are usually trying to cut costs and increase revenues. OurGV.Biz is proud to introduce some of the most amazing technology the world has ever seen that provides instant revenue possibilities and powerful expense savings.


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Internet Search Technology
OurGV.Biz can provide your business with a custom search tool technology that will begin producing instant revenue for your business the same way that Yahoo and Google have been making money for years. This same technology can provide powerful communications with your customers like nothing you have ever seen before. It is literally like having a tiny piece of real estate inside each of your customer's homes!

Internet Shopping Mall Technology
OurGV.Biz has the capability of customizing and co-branding one of the most advanced online shopping platforms in the world today. Within seconds you can have a test version online with over 1000 different stores, such as Walmart.Com, HomeDepot.Com, Target.Com, BestBuy.Com just to name a few. Within a few days we can have this shopping mall branded as if it was your own. For many businesses this represents the first time they have been able to successfully monetize their websites.

Website Design & Hosting Services
Full Scale Design and Hosting provided on any scale. We are confident that we can give better service, better technology, at a better price!

Business Coaching & Training
CEO Training, Management Training, Technology Training, Sales Training. We provide some of the most entertaining and powerful training systems online today.

Non-Profit Seemless Integration
OurGV.Biz is most proud of our ability to help businesses to never have to say no to charities ever again. Utilizing a combination of our various technology platforms, we are able to help businesses everywhere to be able to always say yes to supporting non-profits. How?

Voice Room Communication Services
State of the Art communication anywhere in the world. Full Video, Voice, and Text capabilities.

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